LaunchFnB Opens for Suppliers

by Fares Tarabichi


LaunchFnb  is a marketplace where Restaurants, Markets & Convenient Stores can buy Local Grab n Go food and beverage items for their stores. Today, we have great news for Commercial Kitchens who want to sell their work via the Marketplace and to benefit from LaunchFnb's growth.

The LaunchFnB Marketplace is now open for sellers. 

If you want to sell Food & Beverage products on the Marketplace, follow the link below or follow the "Become a seller" button on our homepage to sign up

The Marketplace is currently open for sellers only; only our team and the partners have access to the site. Once the Marketplace has enough product, we’ll open it to the public.

Why Become a Vendor

As a  vendor, you will get 100% of the revenue from every product you sell through the Marketplace. There will be a 3% credit card processing fee.

By entering the Marketplace now, you are putting your product in a privileged position: when the Marketplace opens to merchants, your work will be the first thing they see. You’ll benefit from a market with a low concurrency that is under growing demand.

Types of Product

There are two types of product that a partner can fulfill: Off The Shelf or Custom items.

"Off The Shelf" are product you currently produce. You can post items you currently produce and sell them on the platform

"Custom items" are product you can provide that have some custom aspect. Either an existing Off the shelf product with a custom logo or a fully custom formulation based on a specific platform you currently produce

We’re happy to answer any questions about the partnership in the comments section.